Monday, February 1, 2010

Noah Klocek

This colorful narrative painting is by the talented artist Noah Klocek. Noah was born in Neptune, New Jersey to artist parents who encouraged him to draw but discouraged him from pursuing a career in the arts. Thankfully the discouragement didn't work and after trying everything from wildlife biology to paramedic training Noah decided to go to school at San Jose State and pursue a career in art. Following school most of Noah's work has been in film design work or matte painting. He has done matte paintings for PDI/DreamWorks on Shrek 2 and Madagascar and even more paintings for Industrial Light and Magic on Pirates of the Caribbean, Terminator 3 and The Hulk. In search of new challenges, Noah was lucky enough to find a place at Pixar Animation Studios where he is currently working as an Art Director. Much of his design work at Pixar can be seen in the Art of Wall-e and Art of Up books. Currently, besides art directing at Pixar, Noah is working on several children's books, and freelance illustrations.

To view more of Noah's art please visit his website.

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