Saturday, February 13, 2010

Margaret Meyer

With this charming painting titled The Letter, we enter artist Margaret Meyer's engaging world. The roaming, carnival-like nature of stop-motion has served Margaret well. A chance meeting with Art Clokey, enabled by her animator sister, led Margaret to her first job making puppets for the famed Gumby creator on a Davy and Goliath special at his studio in Morro Bay, California. Later she traveled south to Los Angeles to build and design characters for the breakout and award winning Cartoon Network shows Robot Chicken and Moral Orel. New opportunities then presented themselves in Portland, Oregon, where Margaret moved to spend several years building and designing costumes for Henry Selick's critically and commercially acclaimed Coraline. Currently making Portland her home, Margaret exhibits and sells her paintings and sculptures, until the next circus tent of animation is lofted.

To see more of Margaret's art please visit her blog.

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