Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bill Carman

With this exquisite painting we enter the incredibly imaginative world of artist Bill Carmen; illustrator, designer, teacher and avid fisherman. Born on the floor of a house in Seoul, Korea, Bill emigrated to Northern California as a child where he was educated, and he fished. Moving on to Brigham Young University he earned a BFA and MFA, and he fished. As an illustrator and art director Bill's work has seen stints with Ford Aerospace, Louis Saelkow Design, BYU and LucasArts and his extensive client list includes Random House, Atari, SETI Institute, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Utne Reader. Bill's artwork has been exhibited and medalled in many shows and publications, some of which include the Society of Illustrators Annuals, 3x3 Magazine, and SPECTRUM, as well as on many a bathroom wall. His mother a Korean smuggler, his father a top-secret government guy, his wife a P.I., Bill always feel like he’s being followed, especially by the rest of his family which includes two pugs, a Siberian husky, three cats, and a python. Currently a Professor of Art at Boise State University in Idaho, Bill teaches, paints and, he fishes.

For more artwork and thoughts from Bill please check out his blog.

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