Friday, February 12, 2010

Mick Wiggins

This boldly geometric piece is by award winning professional illustrator Mick Wiggins. As a freelancer for the past 30 years who specializes in book and editorial illustration, Mick beautifully illustrated the complete John Steinbeck series, recently reissued from Penguin Classics US. Mick started out painting with oils, but eventually shifted to a digital format in the 80’s. As the technology evolved, so did his style. He starts with a pencil sketch, scans it, then builds the image in Photoshop, although he continues to use the mouse which may account for the woodblock feel to his work. Originally from Berkeley, California Mick now resides in Little Rock, Arkansas where, besides his book cover illustrations, he is developing three picture story ideas and working on his transportive "found" sound projects.

To see and hear more of Mick’s work, go to his website.

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  1. That picture was good. I love it. I like sending this type of Postcards.