Wednesday, February 10, 2010

William Frake III

This illustration is from the versatile artist William Frake III.  William, known as "Bill" to his friends, is a veteran of the animation industry.  Having spent time in nearly every aspect of the process, from character designer and story artist to layout artist and writer, Bill has lent his talent and vast knowledge to many departments on over 30 different films and television series.  Besides his work on each Blue Sky Studios' film, Bill's art has graced many animated films including Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Thumbelina and The Iron Giant, while his television series experience includes Schoolhouse Rock!, It's Punky Brewster and Muppet Babies. Currently at Blue Sky, where among the many famous and whimisical characters created, Bill is part of the small team credited with 'inventing' the Scrat, the legendary squirrel whose slapstick antics have become recognizable the world over.

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