Thursday, February 11, 2010

Katy Hargrove

This vibrant, spirited painting is by artist Katy Hargrove. Inspired by the natural world and animators' ability to bring characters to life, Katie received an Associate Degree in Computer Animation from the Art Institute of Phoenix. Currently living in Seattle Katy works as a creature modeler at Arena.Net where most of the projects she has worked on are part of the Guild Wars Video game series. Before that she worked as a character designer and concept artist at Seven Studios and Pandemic Studios where some of the projects she worked on included Charlies' Angels, The Fantastic Four, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Katy has won First Place Awards for both the Monster Manual Madness Contest (sponsored by Tony Diterlizzi) and the Intergraph's Power to The Creator Animation Contest. Outside of her busy work day Katy spends her time drawing, painting, sculpting and.. tinkering.

To see more of Katy's art please visit her website.

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