Saturday, February 20, 2010

Moby Francke

This lovely gem displays artist Moby Francke's mastery of simple stylized forms and colors. Originally from the small Caribbean island of St. Thomas, Moby trained at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he studied illustrative fine art. Upon graduating Moby worked at Lucas Arts as a conceptual designer, and taught figure painting at his alma mater. In 2002, Moby joined Valve Software, one of the leading video game studios, where he is currently an Art Director and Lead Visual Designer and was responsible for developing the unique art style of Team Fortress 2. The game proved highly influential in the industry and received critical acclaim for its art direction and visual design garnering a Visual Effects Society Award nomination in 2007 for Outstanding Visuals in a Video Game. Winner of several prestigious art awards, including two New York Society of Illustrators Competition Awards, Moby also contributed an artwork to the Totoro Forest Project in 2008. Presently Moby divides his time between Seattle and New York City, where he drew inspiration for this Brownstone to Red Dirt project as well as for his own personal work.

To see more of Moby's art please visit his website.

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