Monday, February 15, 2010

Sam Bradley

This sweet, hopeful painting is an offering by Canadian artist Sam Bradley. Though Sam was born in Brantford, Ontario and currently resides in Toronto, he says one day he "will live in New York and will eventually die at sea". A graduate of Sheridan College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation, Sam's work has included location design and background paintings for the music video Two Hours Traffic for Shark Teeth Films. Currently with Elliott Animation Sam is working as Supervising Location Designer on the Total Drama series which airs regularly on the Teletoon and Cartoon Network. With a talent for a wide range of art, from illustration to production design to fine art, and versatile in many mediums, Sam has recently exhibited his oil paintings and is a contributor to the soon to be released sequential art publication The Anthology Project. A big fan of anagrams, cityscapes, tootsiepops, and one peculiar mango, Sam spends his days making pictures and stories, and his nights dreaming of electric sheep.

Check out more from Sam at his website.

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