Tuesday, January 26, 2010

John David Thornton

This dreamy oil painting titled Milo comes from another talented Blue Sky Studios colleague, John David Thornton. As well as being a painter, music composer and jazz guitarist, John is also a veteran of the animation world. After working for Disney for many years and completing such movies as The Lion King, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Mulan and Lilo & Stitch, John can be found currently working as a senior fx animator for Blue Sky Studios where he has continued to add his unique talents which can be seen on Robots, Horton Hears A Who!, and Ice Age 2 & 3. John's effects work was recognized with a nomination for the 34th annual Annie Awards for an individual achievement in animated effects and was chosen to hold one of the prestigious Siggraph lectures where he covered the topic on directable simulations of stylized water splash effect in 3D Space. Examples of his detailed water illustrations and beautiful landscape oil paintings can be found on his website.

To see more of John's art please visit his blog.

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