Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emanuela Cozzi

Illustrator Emanuela Cozzi's most loved living organisms are trees, and the imagery used in her lovely painting titled Unity, comes from the belief that trees symbolize connection and strength and create union among life's greatest diversity. Emanuela is a women of many talents, besides being known for her work as an illustrator she is also a sculptor, character designer, storyboard artist and animator. Her career in film started to take off when she moved to London to join the crew of the Richard William's Studios and since she has worked for many well known companies including DreamWorks and Imagi Studios, with an impressive list of film work including Spirit, Sinbad, Over The Hedge and Shark Tale, to name a few. Having recently begun participating and exhibiting her art in events and benefits, it has awoken a desire to create an illustrated book which Emanuela is currently working on in her spare time.

To see more of Emanuela's art please visit her website and blog.

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